Lake County Bankruptcy Attorney

Financial struggles are an unfortunate reality for many individuals throughout Northwest Indiana. In recent years, joblessness, medical bills or mortgage problems have caused individuals and families from all backgrounds to file bankruptcy.

At Manning & Mouratides, P.C., our Lake County lawyers see bankruptcy as more of an opportunity than a last resort. When used strategically, it can help people with debt problems start over and rebuild their lives without having to lose everything in the process.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy · Chapter 11 Bankruptcy · Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Before you take drastic measures, such as draining retirement savings accounts, liquidating assets, or using a "debt stopper" or consolidation agency, discuss your options with an experienced attorney at our firm. We can use bankruptcy to provide immediate relief in cases of:

With more than 40 years of combined experience in finding solutions to complex problems and Attorney Kenneth A. Manning's qualification as a bankruptcy Trustee, we offer each of our clients one-on-one attention, high-quality representation, professionalism and effectiveness in bankruptcy proceedings throughout Northwest Indiana.

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We are a debt relief agency providing assistance in bankruptcy matters.