If you are involved in a legal dispute, your time and resources can be stretched in efforts to resolve it. It is important to have an experienced attorney working on your behalf through every stage of the process - someone who understands the procedural law specific to litigation and can take an aggressive but strategic stance on your behalf.

At our firm, we have the experience and skill to handle a wide range of legal disputes for clients throughout northwest Indiana. We have resolved civil litigation matters related to:

  • Business and commercial disputes - We know that business does not stop when a legal dispute is underway. Our attorneys are business-minded with the foresight and an innovative approach that minimizes legal costs and keeps you two steps ahead of the opposition. We have extensive experience in settlement negotiations, and should your matter go to trial, we fight aggressively in court for our clients.
  • Real estate sales and disputes - For many people, real estate represents their most significant financial investment. When something goes awry between a buyer and seller, a contractor and subcontractor, a landlord and tenant or even between an owner and a municipality, we get results efficiently and effectively.
  • Estate disputes and will contests - Even a detailed will and estate plan can end up in dispute when heirs and beneficiaries challenge the validity of estate planning documents. We strive to minimize the cost of litigation for our clients so they receive an effective resolution without draining the estate of its value.
  • Other civil litigation matters - Civil litigation encompasses a wide range of disputes that affect people's personal and professional interests. Whether you are dealing with a dispute between family members or a complex business lawsuit, we can help.

The Many Benefits Of Estate Planning

Planning for the future is not just about who inherits your belongings. It is about outlining a plan that gives your loved ones peace of mind and clarity when the unexpected happens. They will be the ones left to take care of your estate. Make sure you leave them with an organized estate plan that:

  • Reduces the potential for disputes between heirs
  • Minimizes the financial and emotional costs of estate administration
  • Outlines an asset preservation plan that leaves a meaningful legacy for your loved ones
  • Provides you with a secure future in case of incapacitation

At Manning & Mouratides, P.C., we can guide you through complex estate planning and estate dispute considerations across Lake County, Porter County, and Northwest Indiana. With many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge regarding financial issues, we can help you effectively manage your assets, debts, and health care directives. Contact us today for the personal attention you need from your estate planning attorney.

Using Your Estate Plan Strategically

Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills and other estate planning documents all play a vital role in creating a comprehensive wealth preservation strategy. You need to consider what you have now and how that will be passed on to your beneficiaries while considering any other issues that may arise. Our dedicated estate planning attorneys can guide you through your options and help you determine what planning tools are right for you.

Placing your assets in a trust can help you in a variety of ways. It can allow you a choice in how your assets are distributed, either for your own benefit as you get older or as a benefit for your loved ones. This is particularly important if you find yourself needing long-term care in a nursing home or adult care facility. The same goes for minor children who need help responsibly managing assets they receive and for recipients who have special needs.

By structuring your assets strategically, you can also avoid probate if that is your goal. This can be a complex undertaking. We can help. Reach us online or by telephone at 219-865-8376 (toll free at 800-670-3894) to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer.

Contact our office today to arrange a free initial consultation and learn more about your options. Our team of experienced litigators can provide the customized representation you need in mediation, settlement negotiations, and courtroom proceedings. Reach a lawyer today online or call 219-865-8376 (toll free at 800-670-3894) to set up an appointment.