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Many individuals and businesses hesitate to file bankruptcy out of a fear of the consequences. The truth is, any changes to your credit score or your ability to obtain a loan after filing bankruptcy are minimal, and the consequences of filing pale in comparison to what could happen if you remain in debt, or worse, choose to use a debt consolidation agency that will only take advantage of your financial hardship.

Our Lake County debt relief attorneys at Manning & Mouratides, P.C., can help you use bankruptcy strategically in your personal finances or business finances. We always take a customized approach to helping our clients, making sure that the right chapter of bankruptcy ( Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11) is used appropriately and that their concerns are addressed from the beginning.

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Northwest Indiana Attorneys For Rebuilding Credit

Bankruptcy is most effective when it is employed in a timely fashion. This means not waiting to drain your savings accounts, taking out a second mortgage or otherwise stripping yourself of assets that could otherwise be saved through exemptions in the bankruptcy code.

As soon as you file bankruptcy with our firm, we begin corresponding with creditors so you no longer have to deal with the stress. Any creditor actions against you, such as harassment and foreclosure, repossession and wage garnishments, or lawsuits, judgments and liens, are put to a halt through the "automatic stay."

We then have time to work through your financial issues and find the right solution, whether using bankruptcy to have debts discharged or restructuring them into more manageable repayment plans. Even tax debts can be restructured in certain situations.

Once your bankruptcy is completed, you will still be able to obtain loans or necessary credit cards. While interest rates may be high and limits might be low, you will have the opportunity to rebuild your credit, and do so more efficiently as you will not have the weight of heavy debts on your shoulders.

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