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When creditors are unable to collect payment for what they are owed, they sometimes take legal action against debtors. If you have faced a lawsuit, have had a judgment made against you or have had a lien placed on your property, there is legal recourse.

At Manning & Mouratides, P.C., we help our clients fight back against lawsuits, judgments and liens by employing bankruptcy strategically. Every case is handled by an experienced Lake County judgment lien lawyer at our firm, which means your questions and concerns will be addressed directly by the attorney who represents you.

We take pride in our commitment to integrity and keep our clients informed of every stage of legal proceedings, from initial filing to final discharge of debts. Contact an experienced lawyer at our firm by reaching us online or by telephone at 219-865-8376 (toll free at 800-670-3894) to schedule a free initial consultation.

Debt Solutions From Bankruptcy And Liens Lawyers In Northwest Indiana

Under Indiana law, any judgment against you as a debtor is considered a lien on property you own. The vast majority of these creditor actions are taken by credit card companies or creditors for unsecured debts. Unsecured debts (debts that are not backed by collateral) are dischargeable through bankruptcy, so even if a creditor has effectively obtained a judgment against you, it can be put to a stop when you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

It is not too late to take action and get back on stable footing financially. We work closely with our clients through every stage of the legal process to choose an appropriate legal path — one that suits our clients' individual needs. We will only recommend bankruptcy if it is truly the best option for you.

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